Free TV Show: Bored To Death, Season 1, Episode 1!


This is a Canadian freebie, but it's from! You can watch the first episode of the first season of "Bored To Death."

From the looks of it, you can watch it online in your browser, or you can download it to your PC to watch later. Normally they don't allow these kind of things from Canada, but it seems to work well!

The show doesn't have a rating yet on IMDB. A quick plot outline states: Jonathan Ames, a struggling Brooklyn writer with a drinking problem, tries to cope with his recent breakup with his girlfriend by reinventing his life.

Have you seen it, what's it like?


  • dinchan
    Oh my gosh I laughed so hard at your pic & caption! Made my day, that did.
  • Anna
    LOL I do like to bring a smile to people's faces :)
  • wench
    malfoy!!! ha ha ha
  • Jenn
    You can also watch the entire first episode online at

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