Free Sunlight Oxi Action Dishwasher Pacs with Mail-in Rebate

7 September 2014


We have another awesome mail in rebate to share with our Moosers and this is a good one.  Get a free Sunlight Oxi Action dishwasher pacs with this mail-in rebate form.

Purchase one 10 or 20 count Sunlight Oxi Action Dishwasher Pacs and receive up to $6.00 to cover the cost plus taxes and postage by mail.  You will need to make your purchases by October 6th, 2014 and all of the rebates will be received by October 31st, 2014.

Just like all other mail-in rebate offers, there are specific guidelines to follow to get this freebie.

This offer is available for one person per household while supplies last.  In total, there will be a limit of 12,000 rebates to take advantage of so make sure you are one of those people to get yours.  Only original printed rebate forms along with original store identified cash register receipt with the item circled and the UPC code written on the receipt (if it is not printed), will be accepted. The original receipt is required so if you need to keep the receipt for any reason, make sure to take a photocopy of it to keep for yourself.

I printed off my form and it said that once you send all of your information in, it would take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. That is not bad at all.

Keep in mind, just like other mail-in rebates, you can pair this one with any coupons you may have.  I also would advise you to price match, and check flyers to get your pack of Sunlight as cheap as possible to make sure you end up getting it for free.

I normally use Cascade myself but I am willing to try a new product anytime it is free. That is one of the reasons I love mail-in rebates.

(Expiry: 6th October 2014)

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