Free stuff: Hallmark cards free samples – order up to 10 for free!

This sounds like a good freebie!! Hallmark Cards are offering you up to 10 free samples of their greeting cards. You can order them online. Firstly, go to Hallmark, then click through to select an individual card. Then you’ll see a little link underneath the card saying “request a sample card”. Click that and enter your details.

These are completely free and you don’t even have to pay the shipping charges within Canada! One possible drawback – I’ve read on other forums that they stick “sample” on some of the cards, so there is a chance you might get 1 or 2 of those.

If I gave one of the sample ones to one of my family members, they’d probably laugh, knowing how much of a bargain-hunter I can be!! I love getting stuff for free!

- Anna

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  • jinny
    i love freebie too.i can't find the little link that says"request a sample card". is it still available? Thank you for your time.

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