Free Samples from Proctor & Gamble

Here's a great chance to get freebies!  Proctor & Gamble, makers of Pantene, Olay, Secret and many other brands, allow you to have the chance to get your hands on sample sizes of a variety of products.  Great way to try out something new.

New samples are available about 3-4 times a year.  Sign up for the newsletter to get great deals right in your inbox.


  • Michelle
    I have a question in general... I'm new to Canada. Does Canada do coupons? Like Manufactuer coupons. In the states they come in the Sunday paper. I've just not seen coupons really besides in store coupons. Thanks
  • lauren
    not sure where you are, but there are little coupon books within our Sunday Sun. they aren't the best coupons. i know that Superstore has a huge wall of in store coupons when you walk in. there are always print out coupons available at many websites - google is your best friend there. Anna is always in the know also; just check out this site!
  • Becky
    Just signed up. Those are good samples! Perfect for travel. Thanks!
  • Sandra K.
    Tried to register for the free samples and instruction said, my address was already registered and would not let me select the samples I wish to recieve and kept telling me to fill in required fields. Like a vicious circle and wouldn't allow to correct what ever error was in the registration info. Is there a way of cancelling and starting over (register) My boyfriend had the same problem. HELP PLEASE
  • Lauren
    Sandra, I'm not sure what to tell you. why don't you try to register under a different email address. i just went on there and didn't have any problems...
  • JoyJoy
    I believe they go by shipping address not email. They will only send one set of samples every so often. If you have received samples recently (even though a different offer) they won't let you register for more. I've found that to get more samples when they are asking what you currently use select the products that AREN"T theirs and you will be given more products to choose.They want to get the samples into the hands of people who don't already buy their items.

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