Free O.B. Tampon Samples and get a $1.00 off Printable Coupon



This is kind of an 'update' on an old post, as we have mentioned free O.B. samples before (HERE), however now you can go directly through O.B. Tampons website to get your free sample, plus once you request your free sample you get access to a printable coupon for $1.00 off any O.B. product (18s or more).

For those of you who don't want the sample (ye gasps!!) yet would still like the coupon, I have linked the coupon here:

They have a real cool carrying case, and I always like it when companies give out coupons with their free samples to encourage people to buy. This being a printable coupon is better yet!


  • Avigayil
    Sample received today. I got a dark blue case.
  • oreo
    i got it 2 days ago. in a dark blue case, with 3 regular tampons.

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