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Tradepub is offering you guys a free guide to gmail, the free online email service from google.

I use a few gmail accounts for different purposes, I think they're really handy. For example, I have one "junk" account, which I have signed up to a million email newsletters, so I can search them for good deals for my moosers. I have another account for personal use, and not very many people know the address of that one. And I have a third account which I use when I am registering with a site and making a specific purchase. And of course, I have my Bargainmoose account which many of you guys use to send me brilliant offers.

There are a number of things I like about gmail... I am comparing to yahoo, which is another email provider which I use.

Firstly, I like how consecutive emails from one person are arranged like a conversation, so you can just scroll up and down to see what you have been conversing about.

I am a big fan of the "filters" in gmail. You can specify some terms, and gmail will mark the incoming mail with certain colours or text.

Also, I like how it has a "forwarding" option - Yahoo doesn't have this. I can set an account to forward all incoming mail to other accounts if necessary.

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