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2 June 2015


Pick up a pair of FREE Guess sunglasses when you use coupon code 38OFF to receive an extra $38 off Guess sunglasses that have been already discounted to $38! Just pay tax and shipping.

Now, you can get these sunglasses with prescription lenses. Simply add in your prescription information to receive custom lenses. The cost $38 before coupon) covers prescriptions under 3.00 and smaller astigmatisms (under -0.75 cyl). If you do not need prescription lenses, then select the option 'frames only' to purchase the normal glasses. I chose this option the last time I ordered from this company and it worked well.

Now, all these glasses were originally valued at $189.20 and are now on sale for $38. After coupon code, you will only pay the taxes and shipping for these glasses.


Choose from three different styles.

I purchased the Guess 6378 style in a dark red the last time I saw a sale like this (the dark red is now OOS). The glasses are rather well made and felt like an absolute steal for only $14.54. They even came in a nice case that I could keep them in to prevent them getting scratched. All original tags were attached and they really felt nice. I chose those sunglasses because they have a really nice metal decoration on the sides that appealed to me. In addition, my current lenses are somewhat scratched, thus I needed a new pair.

The only downside is that they do not look quite right on my face. They are a bit too narrow for my size of face so my eyebrows pretty much sit over them... it looks somewhat funny. I really do like the style though and the quality is quite good. I would recommend them to anyone who usually wears that width of glasses.

If you currently wear glasses or sunglasses, I highly recommend measuring your current pair of glasses and then comparing the measurements on 38DollarGlasses to your own. That way you will have a better chance at finding a pair that suits your face, as they should be close in measurements to your current favourite pair.

If you purchase a pair of glasses, then please let me know which style you chose! I always look forward to feedback from happy Moosers.

Image credit: Avigayil Morris

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  • Wanda
    I am having a hard time showing any reviews of this company - can anyone confirm if they are legit?
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      We first wrote about them over a year ago, Avi received the last order she made at that time. Here on Bargainmoose, we wouldn't write about a company if we had any concerns about it.
  • Lorraine
    Words of warning while shopping on this site. I was excited about the free sunglasses and headed on over there. I add one of the three sunglasses suggested and decided to use PayPal as a payment method. Once signed into my account the page said I would be able to review the purchase before submitting it for payment. I thought that is where I could enter your coupon code 38OFF to receive an extra $38 off Guess sunglasses but instead the site pushed my order through without approval or being able to review the cart. My account got charged $52.54 U.S. and now I have to wait for several days, checking and hoping to get refunded. Not cool at all.
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      This isn't great, so please let us know how you get on!
    • Mark
      Hi Lorraine, That's an issue with Paypal, not our site. Simply contact us if you wish to reverse the charge.
  • Linda
    Beware - prices are charged in US$ and you must enter a credit card for the coupon code to work. I entered the coupon code, but used paypal and the WHOLE cost was charged (no discount)...and the confirmation of the order states no refunds.
    • Mark
      Hi Linda, We will always work with our customers to come to an amicable solution. We're working on solving the paypal problem as we speak, and everyone who's emailed us regarding this coupon problem will receive a refund of $38.
  • Rodney D.
    Sadly, I receive 'This coupon code is invalid'. Not that it matters: this store has but ONE frame that is under $38 (at $19), and it looks like it's intended for women. Furthermore, whereas THREE other online glasses stores provide my single-vision prescription lenses for free, this site wants minimally an ADDITIONAL $39 for lenses. Add the shipping and taxes and this store should change their name to 98dollarglasses to be accurate. I think I'll stick to Zenni optical, where I get prescription lenses and frames, shipping included, for around $22 CAD.
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Hi Rodney. We're aware that once you add lenses, the prices change quite a bit, so that's why this particular blog post is more about the "free" brand name sunnies. There are definitely other choices when it comes to prescription glasses :)
    • Mark
      Hi Rodney, I don't know where you got your information from but there are a few innacuracies between our site and what you believe. The coupon code is case sensitive and there's also no spaces. Maybe that's the issue with why you were receiving the error. You were looking at the wrong prices on our site. We actually have 136 frames that are under $39. ([0-to-39.95].aspx). We do offer free prescription lenses to the most common of prescriptions, unfortunately it looks like your prescription is beyond that range. And the last inaccuracy is that we don't charge tax on prescription lenses. So on our website it is completely possible to order a frame with prescription lenses for only the cost of shipping.
  • leo
    Frame only are supposed to come with lens ? I didn't understand that well.
    • Mark
      Hi Leo, Frame only means your getting the frame exactly as is. Basically it's exactly whats shown in the picture.

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