Free Comic Book Day Canada – May 2nd 2009!

(UPDATE May 2nd 2009 - bumping thread - FCBD is today!)

Posted March 31st 2009 - For the last few years, an event has been running worldwide called “Free Comic Book Day!” This year, it is scheduled to take place on the 2nd of May 2009. Now, I know I am blogging about this in a month in advance, I just wanted to give you a decent heads-up, and I’ll bump this post closer to the date in question.

You can find participating comic book stores using the store locator on the website. They also have a facebook and myspace page if you’d prefer to use those. Here is a brief description about comic book day:

Free Comic Book Day is a single day - the first Saturday in May - when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE* to anyone who comes into their stores.

I’ve been told that the stores are very busy on this day, so if you are planning on attending, go early to get the good freebies!

I clicked onto the FAQ section on the website and found this interesting picture.

Spot the female. You won’t. I don’t think there is one within a 10km radius of the store. Odd, eh?

Speaking of comics… I don’t read them, but I do read graphic novels! I’m not a collector or anything, I just read some of the more popular ones from time to time. I think the first one I ever read was Stardust by Neil Gaiman, which has since been made into the movie of the same name. Gaiman is a fave author of mine anyway… I even have a signed copy of Good Omens!

I recently read The Watchmen, before I saw the movie. I was really glad I read it before I watched it, as I noticed so many little things that I wouldn’t have spotted otherwise… like Rorschach popping up every now and again, before you knew what he looked like. I thought the movie was really well done though, a very good transition from graphic novel to the big screen (even the blue danglies)!

I also read a series of graphic novels a while ago, you’ll know it as Sin City. In this case, I saw the movie first, then went out and bought the books, the opposite to what I did with The Watchmen. I was really surprised how similar the books were to the movie (or the movie was to the books!). On reading the novels, illustrations in the pages were the exact same as scenes from the movie, it was really amazing. Some that really stood out were Goldie on her heart shaped bed, Becky’s jewellery, Jackie Boy’s decapitatedish head…

Got any good recommendations of new graphic novels for me to get my grubby hands on?


  • Ms. C.
    For Sin City, they actually used the comic as the storyboard and set about to do it faithfully panel by panel. It's actually so faithful, they insisted on giving Frank Miller a writers credit for the film. Watchmen wasn't quite that faithful, but it tried hard.
  • Anna
    Interesting Ms CC!
  • ozwalled
    You should check out Bryan Lee O'Malley (totally Canadian), in particular his Scott Pilgrim series -- there's five volumes out now, and the sixth and final one will be out eventually. It's super-fun. AND it's soon-to-be-a-movie-by-Edgar-Wright, so you can get on the bandwagon before the rest of the world does to be super cool. :D
  • Anna
    Thanks ozwalled :)
  • Maggie
    I second Scott Pilgrim. There's also Sandman, which you should certainly read if you're a fan of Neil Gaiman (which everyone should be of course). I also LOVE Hellboy and B.P.R.D., they are fantastic. We3 is good if you need a good cry, I warn you it is good but incredibly sad. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is also good. And of course there's V for Vendetta.
  • Anna
    Actually bought V for Vendetta for my partner a month ago, but he hasn't read it yet, so I think it would be rude if I read it first! Thanks for the recs Maggie :)
  • willowsprite
    Action Philosophers! And, yes, I am a female and I like comic books/graphic novels thankyouverymuch! :P

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