Free Calendar From Value Village/Savers ($200 Free Coupons Too!)

If you’d like to receive a totally free calendar from Value Village / Savers, just complete the short survey on

Here’s what they say:

A Calendar Coupon will be emailed to you a few days after our Survey deadline of Jan 2nd, 2009, redeemable at your local Savers/Value Village Store.

So sounds like they will email us a printable coupon, which we can them redeem in-store. For a half a minute’s work, it sounds good to get $200 worth of coupons!!

You can of course tick the box to sign up to their mailing list – I sometimes get good offers from them by email, so this is a great idea too.

P.S. Why not order loads more free 2009 calendars here!

Thanks for the pic mike fischer!

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