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Here is a freebie most ladies can use. While supplies last, grab a coupon for a free box of O.B. tampons. Skip buying the pricy tampons this month and give something new a try.

O.B. has launched a campaign to prove how amazing their products are. For a limited time while supplies last, you can order a coupon for a free box of O.B. tampons. The size of this box is 18 count. That should get you at least a jumpstart on the month if not through most of the month. Make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page as the link for the freebie is at the very end of the page. Before O.B. gives you the freebie, they want to make sure that you see a little more info about their product.

You must have a account in order to retrieve this freebie. If you do not already have an account, it pretty simple to sign up for a free account. The link above will then connect to your account and you will receive a printed coupon in the mail once you request the coupon. I always appreciate when is willing to print the coupons and mail them to me as opposed to having me print them at home. Not only do I save my printer ink for other things, it keeps the lady at the grocery store from giving my coupons the stink-eye. There is one lady who insists on calling a manager to verify it’s a real coupon each time, every time I bring in a printable coupon. Do I look like I am trying to scam you out of the $1.50 on Oxiclean, lady? I try to avoid her register.

There are a bunch of bloggers and consumer reviews right on O.B.’s website. To give a less biased comparison I did take a brief look at other reviews on the product. Here is one reviewer’s take on

I love OB tampons, they fit and work the best of any tampon brand that I have tried, plus less waste is a bonus.

Less waste and compactness seems to be one of the perks of O.B. Since there is no applicator, you end up with less extra packaging you are carrying around. Several people have mentioned these tampons are a bit messier until you get the hang of the product. You may want to try more than one before you give a final verdict. Since the product is free you really have nothing to lose.

I also wanted to mention if this product is not your thing, consider donating the box to a local women’s shelter. Often sanitary products are in high demand and are not typically donated.

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