Everest: Hidden Expedition Free Game Download From BigFishGames (iPhone & iPad)


In the latest email newsletter from BigFishGames, I spotted that they are offering the full version of Everest: Hidden Expedition for free. It's a game for the iPhone or iPad.

To unlock the full game for free worth $9.99, it prompts you to send an email to subscribe to the BigFishGames newsletter. I did this, but you're able to unsubscribe immediately if you don't want to receive it.

I've just installed it on my iPad, had a 5 minute play, and it seems to be working well.

I like these hidden object games, and I've bought and played quite a few to date. They're good fun for a few hours, if you like that kind of puzzle game.

Having played this type of puzzle game on both my PC and on the iPad now, I think there are pros and cons to both. On my PC, I'm using the mouse which has finer control, and the PC has a bigger screen. But on the iPad, I can take it anywhere in the house and play as much as I like. The touchscreen control mechanism isn't quite as good though, and I sometimes end up tapping anywhere on the screen just to find the hidden objects, rather than actually doing a visual search for them.

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