Emusic Canada: Get 25 Free Songs!

This deal has been around for quite a while, but I’m not sure everyone is aware of it. If you join emusic online, you can instantly download 25 free tunes. It’s free music, and it’s not illegally downloaded! There are over 5 million songs to choose from. Whether you like David Bowie or David Gray, there’s probably something for everyone.

The free emusic trial lasts for a week, but you can cancel it at any time. You get to keep the 25 mp3s too.

If you do decide to continue with a subscription after your trial is complete, the songs are still priced pretty reasonably (from 30c). Even after you buy songs, you can keep the tunes you have downloaded. There is no DRM here.

One drawback is that you do have to enter your credit card details before you can join, so I’d make a note that you remember to cancel the service within a week, if you wish to do so.

Remember, you can also get free cashback - $3.90us from Dealguild! Can’t say no to free money! As of today’s exchange rate, that is $4.56 for free just for trying the emusic service! Free tunes and free cash - I'm a happy bunny!

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