Conserve Now Free Static Window Cling

Conserve Now Free Static Window Cling

How often do you forget your reusable shopping bags? Slap this handy static window cling on your window so you always remember to grab your bags.

They will give up to 2 Free Static Window Clings per household, so no excuses for not bringing bags! Just give them your mailing address and you will get your Static Window Cling soon. It’s not a sticker, so it won’t leave a sticky residue, simply place on the driver’s side window so you can see it getting out of the car.

I forget my bags all the time, and I don’t like buying plastic bags, so I actually have a ton of reusables in my house and car. It’s quite ridiculous. These little things will be put to good use.

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  • Anna
    Oh I always kick myself when I forget my reusable bags!

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