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4 January 2013

The only thing better than a FREE comic is a FREE comic from Comixology. Valiant and Comixology are doing just that! Get the first issue of one of eleven Valiant Comics series for FREE!

This is the perfect opportunity to get into a new series (or an old one) without having to lay down money to see if you'll like it. It's a terrible feeling when you drop some cash for the first comic in a series and realize it sucks. It doesn't happen as often with your Marvel and DC standards like Batman and X-Men but a less well known comic could be a disappointing surprise.

There are some awesome series available in this sale and a lot of them are new releases of older series, which is pretty cool. Here are some of the eleven series whose first issues are FREE!

  • X-O Manowar - Original 1992 series and 2012 series
  • Archer & Armstrong - Original 1992 series and 2012 series
  • Ninjak
  • Bloodshot - Original 1993 series and 2012 series

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get into Archer & Armstrong. It looks pretty good and I definitely dig comedy in comics, which this one seems to have. Anywho, according to Wikipedia, the most trustworthy source of information on the internet, it is "among the most commercially and critically acclaimed buddy comedies in comics" which is awesome.

Expires: 5th January 2013, 11:00PM ET in North America, local evenings in other regions

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