Canadian Freebies: Veet Waxing Strips

26 April 2010


Bargainmooser Zara has emailed me with an excellent freebie - free waxing strips from Veet!

Here's what Zara sent in the email, telling you what you will get:

  • 1 large body Veet Easy to use Wax Strip
  • 1 Small facial Veet Easy to use Wax Strip
  • 1 perfect finish wipe
  • 1 coupon offering $1 off
  • Veet easy to use wax strips

I would say order this one as soon as possible, in case the offer ends!  I'll be passing on the offer though, I absolutely hate waxing, I cannot stand the pain - I'm such a wuss!

Thanks Zara!

UPDATE: If you are having trouble with server errors, try the link on the Veet home page. (Thanks Nadia)

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  • Avigayil
    Hehehe... I was just about to send this to you. I've never waxed my legs.... only have had my eyebrows professionally done, so I wonder how 'easy' this really is, and how painful. But its a freebee.. so hey! If all else fails, use it to get those stubborn 'things' out from between the tiles in your kitchen where the grout is but a faded memory.
  • joy
    I have never tried these but have instead bought a professional wax warmer. I would never, ever, ever go back to shaving! It only hurts the first few times, after that it doesn't hurt, unless its being done wrong. Why would I shave everyday when I can wax once every 3 weeks? And it's true what they say about less hair growing back too. Try it, you'll never go back!!!
  • Stephanie
    I ordered mine!
  • Christianne
    It says that the server failed. Don't know if this is happening for everyone for just me.
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Still working fine here Christianne :)
  • cindy
    I am also getting server failed.To bad would liked this one. Cindy
  • Erin
    The server failed on my end, too. This happened the last time you posted a link to
  • Samantha
    I'm also getting an error message. I was really looking forward to signing up for this :( !
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Guys, make sure you put your postal code with a space in it.
  • Nadia
    I also received an error message, but if you check out the veet website at, you'll notice a working link for the freebie. cheers! :c)
    • Samantha
      Thanks Nadia! I was able to sign up for the freebie through the Veet website.
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Thanks, updated the OP :)
  • cindy
    Thanks for the up date.I was able to get in on this one.

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