Canadian Freebies: SPLENDA Flavours for Coffee

I got an email from telling me about the new freebie which is on offer this week. They are offering a free sample of SPLENDA Flavours for Coffee, which will be available to order sometime on Tuesday the 9th March 2010.

I've posted a few of these free offers from in the past few weeks. When the offer goes live on the website, sometimes it only lasts for a matter of minutes or hours, so you have to be fast. If you happen to see the site update, please let us all know in the comments below.

Note: when you click through, you will probably see the band-aid landing page from last week. This is because the new offer for this week has not yet been launched. Check back Tuesday.


  • anna
    I thought they've already given away this freebie...i received mine today along with a coupon for $0.75 off
    • Anna
      Not sure second anna. But the email said that this will definitely be live today. Maybe you could order another one :)
    • Sarah
      That was the one from the official splenda website, also recieved mine today!
  • Airdom
    Still hasnt updated yet =X
  • Laura
    i got my samples last week, two of each flavor. they are okay. sent the hubby out to buy a pack and they are EXPENSIVE! around $6 for a box of 30. don't think i'll be buying them again for that price.
  • Anna
    SAMPLES now available!
  • Steven
    The site is updated...order your samples now while it lasts!
  • Meg
    -Just went to the website and they're all out...

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