Canadian Freebies: Reactine Free Trial


The last email from told me a bit about the new freebie offer for this week. They are giving out a free trial of Reactine, starting on Tuesday 6th April 2010.

Here's all the email tells me:

A trial offer of REACTINE Extra Strength will be available on Tuesday, April 6. Supplies are limited.

Going by the offers from the previous weeks, the offer will go live on the site sometime today, so if you see the site update, please post below to let the rest of the Bargainmoosers know about it.

Remember, if you click through the above link and see the Zantac offer from last week, it means the site has not yet been updated - check back later in the day.


  • Dawn
    It is up and running 7:15 am and just over 3,000 left
  • Anna
    Now on!
  • anna
    still 1000 something left as of 8:31am EST
  • anna
    still 1000 something left as of 8:31am PST
  • anna
    948 as of 2 minutes these things go fast!
  • dawn
    this time they opened it up in the am last time it was after lunch but they went fast 68 left when i clicked on and by the time i was done they were gone.

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