Canadian Freebies: Neutrogena Hand Cream


This offer from is due to start today. It's not live on their site yet, but I am posting up to make sure you know about it, as the offers usually sell out very very fast indeed. They are offering a free trial offer of Netrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream!

Currently it shows a Tylenol offer, so we're waiting on the site to update with the Neutrogena offer.

I don't know what time it is due to start, but if you see it has started, please comment below and let the other moosers know too!

UPDATE - all 2000 freebies were claimed really fast - deal now over! :(


  • Lisa
    They updated the site. When I got mine there were 4999 at 10:16am Atlantic Time.
  • Lisa
    Now it is 10:36am Atlantic time and they are all gone.
  • Anna
    What!! That was too fast :(

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