Canadian Freebies: Neolia Totally Free Organic Olive Oil Soap!

Quick post for you guys to let you know about some totally free stuff!! Né are giving away some free organic olive oil Néolia soap on their website.

There’s a very short form to complete, and then you should receive your free item within 4 weeks!

Click here to apply for this Canadian freebie from Neolia!

Limited time offer. Reserved for residents of Canada. Four weeks delivery.

You know, I don’t think there’s a bar of soap in my house at all. I’m a liquid soap gal.

Thanks aknacer! That looks tasty!

UPDATE - 14th April 2009 - confirmed as received!


  • Casp
    I don't plan on eating it, but thank you for this free deal!
  • Ash
    it says reserved for residents of quebec ?
  • Anna
    Hi Casp & Ash :) Looks like they have changed it since I first posted! No harm in giving it a try though :)
  • kevin
    why only Quebec?
  • Anna
    No idea Kevin! The company must be based in Quebec. When they first started this freebie, they probably didn't expect so much of a response from freebie-hunters on the internets, so now have narrowed it down to Quebecians only. :)

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