Canadian Freebies: National Post Subscription


For those of you who read newspapers in real life, there's a free offer for a 3 month subscription to The National Post.

When you click the above link, just add your postal code and you can see if you are eligible.

I don't read newspapers! I sometimes glance at the news stories online, but I wouldn't really ever buy a hard copy. I'm too busy deal-hunting to keep abreast of current affairs. :-p


Delivery is Monday to Saturday where National Post is available. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer. Subscription will commence within 5 business days upon registering. Subscription is offered to subscribers who have not had National Post delivery in the past 45 days.

(Ends 31st May 2011)


  • sam
    maybe it's just me...?... but when i click on the link, it says it has expired and then i continued on just to check and it says i have to sign up for an actual subscription...
    • Anna
      Seems to be working ok from here...

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