Canadian Freebies: iTunes Single of the Week (July 6 - 12)


iTunes just released their free song of the week: 'Never Knew Me' by D-Sisive. It is a Hip-Hop/Rap tune for any fans of that genre. As you might have guessed, you need iTunes to access and download this freebie.

According to iTunes it is certified 'clean lyrics.' Also, a note from Wiki on the artist:

D-Sisive is the stage name of Derek Christoff, a Canadian rapper, best known for his Juno Award-nominated EP The Book and his 2009 Polaris Music Prize-nominated album Let the Children Die. That year also saw the release of a free album online, Jonestown. His latest album, Vaudeville, is set to be released June 2010.

It is from this latest album Vaudeville that 'Never Knew Me' is from.

Happy listening!

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