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So your teen is on the internet every waking hour they aren't in schoolplaying on facebook, twitter and goodness knows what OTHER sites. Internet security, what a dream. Well Microsoft is offering an ebook called "Own Your Space - Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online." Its an internet safety book for teens. Thank you to Mooser Frank for telling us about it!

Here is what Frank told us:

Microsoft is giving away eBook versions of "Own Your Space - Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online" a 266 page book for teens and parents of teens who want to learn more about online security and privacy. The paper version retails for $24.99!

You can download the complete book (or individual chapters if you want) in pdf or xps format.

It is something not only teens but a lot of adults I know could use. Internet security is not a joke, and anyone uneducated in it could use this helpful tool. Not only to learn some helpful tools and keep your computer safe, but you will also save $24.99!

Thanks Frank!

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  • misskitty_79
    I don't trust Microsoft w/ the safety of my computer, so I'm not sure why I'd trust it w/ my child's online safety either. Especially since kids these days are way more likely to know more about internet safety than their parents. Though, I suppose some knowledge is better than no knowledge, I just think it'd be better to ask your kid how to be safe online than it'd be to suggest that they read Microsoft's ebook...

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