Canadian Freebies: Game Download Of Peggle, World Of Warcraft Edition


Here is another nice little video game freebie for your guys! It could waste a few hours of your valuable lifetime… It's a free download of Peggle, the puzzle game.

I first played Peggle when I got it free with The Orange Box PC Game, from Valve. I thought it was pretty addictive, and I think I actually paid to get the full version, as I had only been sent a trial version. It's actually quite funny - there are hilarious soundbytes through the game, and great theme music.

I've never played the World Of Warcraft edition, but if it is anything like the Half Life edition, it will just use stills and characters from the game to illustrate the gameplay. For example, in the half life edition, there's nothing like seeing a headcrab trying to zombify a unicorn.

Peggle is a great little puzzle game - if you're into that, give it a try. :)

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