Canadian Freebies: Free Slurpee Printable Coupon


Who doesn't like a nice Slurpee? Ok, I know it is getting cold... but Slurpees taste yummy. Very yummy. If you are willing to sign up for the Slurpee newsletter they will send you a coupon for a free 7-11 Slurpee. That simple.

I got my coupon emailed to me immediately.. no delay! It was for a 828 ml slurpee, one of the good sized ones!

So are you a purist or a mixer? I'm a mixer.. though within reason.. 2 - 3 flavours max per cup. When I was a kid I would go nutz, try to put in like 6!


  • oreo
    HI, im wondering how long is it until?
    • Anna
      If you sign up, there will be a date on your individual coupon.
  • Linda
    I waited for hours and did not receive my free coupon for the slurpee. My husband either.
  • N.
    We also did not receive our coupon. Nothing in our inbox or our spam. Absolutely nothing.
  • Swan
    I received a coupon saying that the coupon has EXPIRED what a deal!!!

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