Canadian Freebies: Free Slurpee at 711 on July 11th

6 July 2011

That day is coming, free slurpee day at 7 11. Make sure to drop by your local 711 to get a free 11 oz slurpee on July 11th, 2011.

Now, rumour has it you have to sign up for their newsletter to get a coupon to print off to get your free slurpee. But no where in their advertising (see above banner and their website) does it say that. However, I do know if you do sign up for their newsletter you will get a coupon for a free slurpee, but it seems a waste to use it on free slurpee day. So I am going to go with their website and not the rumours on other blogs and say you do not need a coupon on free slurpee day to get your free slurpee.

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