Canadian Freebies: Free Skype Credit


I was browsing through some Twitter peeps related to finance, and I saw a tweet from mymoneyblog that mentioned free Skype credit. Now, I am an avid user of Skype - it's probably the most utilised program on my computer (Well, apart from Firefox)! So naturally, I signed up for this one right away.

They are apparently giving away a million vouchers for 30 minutes of free Skype credit, which you can use to call anywhere in the world.

The Skype landing page asks you to enter your email address, a security code, and just click submit. It then says you will receive a voucher for 30 minutes free credit within 3 days. I've only just filled out the form, so I am waiting on my free Skype credit voucher to arrive.

P.S. If you are as ignorant as me and had to google to see what Happy Eid was in reference to - it's a Muslim religious festival.


  • paula
    Didn't work - the website this links to shows that an email address has already been entered.
    • Anna
      Do you mean it says this? Thanks for requesting your voucher, have a joyful Eid! Would someone in your family maybe have done it already? Does this work for anyone else? P.S. The Tweet mentioned you may need to clear your cookies first.
  • Karen
    Nope does not work for me was only for Eid which was on Friday so it is too late!
    • Anna
      It worked for me this morning! Please try clearing your cookies... and try again.
  • Jenn
    no box for email?
  • Anna
    K guys, I am going to write expired on this one... worked fine for me this morning, but everyone seems to have been having trouble ever since. Sorry!
  • Zabrina
    "To celebrate Eid, we have just given away one million Skype Credit vouchers and now we have no more left."

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