Canadian Freebies: Free Samples Of Lacoste Fragrances

30 September 2009


For this Canadian freebie, you can order free samples of various fragrances from Lacoste.

The fragrances to choose from are:

  • Lacoste Challenge
  • Lacoste Touch of Pink
  • Lacoste Love of Pink

I really like getting these little free fragrance samples in the mail. The Lacoste Challenge one looks like it is a guys scent, so it would be good to check it out and see if it is a nice one to buy for my man.

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  • John
    Just tried this out, as with most other Fragrance Samples, the postal code seems to be working. I found that Capitilized letters, with one space between the three letter/numbers works. eg. A1B 2C3 NOT: a1b2c3
  • Joy
    I had to enter the postal code all caps but no space in the middle for it to work.
  • Doug
    space in the middle works all caps
  • Stephanie
    I just requested a sample of both "female" scents. I noticed that for "Touch of Pink" no space for the postal code is required, whereas for the "Love of Pink" it is required. I hope this helps!
  • bigbri
    Wouldn't recognize the name of my town....regardless of how I input the postal code
  • John
    Just got my sample today. As with most, if not all perfume samples it is merely a moistened towelette. Either way, it gives me a chance to see if the fragrance is right for me, and to see if I absolutely love it. I got Lacoste Challenge, and it didn't grab me in any way. It is a typical manly scent, a little bit woodsy, a little bit oceanic. It is not sweet, or spicy, and it is quite refreshing just to use during the day. :)
  • joy
    I received my "sample" the other day. I requested the Touch of Pink. I think it was way too much like something my great-grandmother would use.
  • Kim
    Tried every possible combination of caps and spaces for the postal code with the name of my town which apparently doesn't exist. hmmm

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