Canadian Freebies: Free Nestle Carnation Holiday Recipe Guide

Oh man … does it feel weird to be writing about Christmas when we’re still sitting in September but you just know it’s gonna sneak up on us in no time. I just saw that the Free Nestle Carnation Holiday Recipe Guide is now available for download or to be snail mailed, and it took me down memory lane! I’m betting that you’ll recognize more than a few of these recipes from your childhood. nestle carnation holiday cookbook freebie

I’m actually looking forward to baking some of these dishes again as an adult –but I loved a lot of these recipes, even though they were often charred beyond recognition when they came out of my mom’s kitchen! You can download the entire guide, or you can choose to print only a few recipes.


  • You’ll need to create an account as a new user whether you want to download your version of the Holiday Recipe Guide or you’d like to have it mailed out to you, but that only takes a few seconds.
  • If you click on the “mail it to me” button, you’ll need to enter your mailing address. The dropdown will list all USA states first, Canadian provinces at the bottom. If you enter your 6-digit postal code, you’ll get an error message. Simply substitute “00000” in the zip code field, and it should be OK.


  • anna
    are there any shipping fees or any sort of customs to worry about if we want to get a hard copy? i might be worrying too much here =D
  • Carrie
    hi Anna, I submitted a request to have a paper copy of the Recipe Guide mailed to me earlier this afternoon and there was no mention of any kind of shipping cost. Nestle does limit you to one copy of the Recipe Guide per mailing address though. There is no duty/tax incurred when receiving printed material from the USA or from within Canada. Will let y'all know how long the shipping takes - can't wait, I'm seriously jonesing for a recipe for Nanaimo Squares!
  • anna
    hey Carrie - thanks for the thumbs up! i'm excited for this one! :D
  • Carrie
    hi Anna, me too - haven't had a copy in years!

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