Canadian Freebies: Free Bag of Natura Pet Food Coupon


This is a nice freebie! Natura is offering a coupon good for a free 5 - 6.6 LB bag of their dog, cat, or ferret food. This is open to Canadian and US residents. You just have to fill out their form, and pick a store nearby that sells the food to get it from. They say the coupon should be mailed to you within 10 days.

When I completed the form I received this:

Thank you for your coupon request. Your coupon for a free bag (good on any 5lb–6.6lb bag of Natura dry pet food) will be mailed within 10 working days.

Simple enough! It is really cool to see a free pet food offer including ferret food! You don't see that too often.


  • Brock
    Thanks for highlighting the Natura offers!
  • natalie
    Hello, Ive clicked on the link and it wont allow me to submit my info because I have to pick a retailer, however, the link for that doesnt show up. What do I do? Thanks
  • Karebear
    tried it a couple of times and does not work for me either
    • Avigayil
      I am guessing that unless you live close to a pet store that sells this food, this freebie won't work. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how close you have to live. :-( Sorry!
  • Shannon
    I do live near a pet store that sells this pet food but the on-line form will not let me enter the retailer's name and I get an error every time.
  • Pat
    AAAAARGH! Very frustrating.....tried umpteen times and it doesn't work!
    • El
      pat just type in postal code and it will come up.
  • Shannon
    Finally! I just accessed the site at 5:39 MST and it worked. Store names with their addresses appeared underneath the fields and I just clicked on the store in my area. Don't fill in the very two bottom fields (unless there isn't a pet store to choose from).
  • Pat
    Still can't access to get coupon. Stores names don't appear after I fill in my info. Any suggestions?
  • Avigayil
    Sorry, I don;t have any other suggestions except Shannon's advice above sounds good. I received my coupon, so coupon confirmed!
  • Melissa
    I remember having trouble with this at first as well, but finally got through and got my coupon very quickly. I redeemed it two days ago, and only had to pay the tax on it, which was about $3. The 6lb bag was worth $30! Thanks Bargain Moose! :)
    • Avigayil
      Sweet, I redeemed mine as well, for the 6.6 lb of EVO which was worth $22. Coupon well spent! Glad you enjoyed the coupon! :-)
  • Annie
    I redeemed mine and I chose EVO cat food and I got the most expensive one I could get at $32 whoooo hoooo. It was the salmon one or something..kinda smelly but my kitty loves it.
  • Tracy
    Got my coupon & the dogs LOVED the Sweet Potato/Herring flavour. Just pick a store, when the coupon comes it says along the bottom its redeemable at any store that carries those brands.

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