Canadian Freebies: Free Aloe Vera Samples

We're coming down with freebies today! This is a Canadian freebie from Forever Living Products. They are giving away free samples of various Aloe Vera based products.

You will receive some of these products:

  • Aloe Moisturizing Lotion
  • Aloe-Jojoba Shampo
  • Aloe Heat Lotion

My mom once gave me a potted aloe vera plant and I christened it “Vera.” The sap is supposed to be very good for soothing burns and ski irritations. She suggests that when I burn my hand while cooking, to snip off a little bit of the aloe vera and rub the sap on the affected area. I did so… for a while. But being the most un-greenfingered person I know, the aloe vera plant managed to die. Poor little Vera!

I’ve also got sunburned a few times, and aftersun lotions with aloe vera in them seem to be the most soothing.


  • Moe
    Aloe is a great healant and moisturizer. Unfortunately they don't like it when you cut their fingers off. Hmm, wonder why. LOL. You're so cute.
  • Anna
    LOL maybe you're right, that's why it died! Because I was always cutting bits off it to heal my burns!

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