Canadian Freebies: Free 1 to 3 Month Shomi Trial


This is a three-part freebie so take a few minutes to read the details. First of all, anyone can sign up for a free one-month trial of Shomi through Shomi's website. Now, if you are a Shaw customer, Shaw is offering their Shaw TV and their Shaw Internet customers a couple free Shomi trials. Shaw TV customers receive a free one-month trial and Shaw Internet customers receive a free three-month trial.

Shomi is a new streaming service that lets you watch all the movies you love and past seasons of hit TV shows for a monthly fee. For Shomi, the fee will be $8.99 a month. Thus, for everyone (and Shaw TV customers), your freebie is valued at $8.99 plus tax. For Shaw Internet subscribers, the freebie is worth $26.97 plus tax.

I find this price point interesting, as Shomi is coming out as a direct competitor with Netflix. However, instead of undercutting Netflix's price to try and steal customers, they are $1 per month higher than the big media streaming company.

Shomi appears to be trying to differentiate itself through content. Each movie and television series is handpicked to be on Shomi, with the implied promise that the quality of content is kept to a higher standard. According to Shomi, they have also worked out exclusive streaming agreements for shows you will not find on any other streaming service. I assume by 'other streaming service' they mean Netflix.

With Shomi, you can create up to six custom family profiles so kids get their own kid-friendly experience. In addition, each family member will receive recommendations tailored to their specific tastes.

Shomi will play on your computer, tablet, smart phone, Rogers and Shaw cable boxes, as well as the Xbox 360. I am rather disappointed that the PlayStation 3 is not included in the device list, but I still have four other devices in the house compatible with Shomi so why should I complain?

I assume the free trial periods will switch over to automatic billing afterwards. Please ensure you know when your free trial ends so you can cancel if necessary.

(Expiry: Unknown)


  • Allyson
    As far as I have looked this is only available to Rogers or Shaw clients.
    • Alycia B.
      Yup, same as Allyson

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