Canadian Freebies: Dentyne Gum for a Facebook Like


If you Like Dentyne Gum on Facebook, you will get a free pack of gum! You can choose between fire or ice... it is based on your desire to kiss in public or not. :D I, of course, made ample use of my husband's Facebook account and so I answered for him: he is a very private kisser... so Ice gum for us!

There is a limited quantity of 10,000 packs being given out, so once they are gone.. the promotion is over. I just got mine so it is still on! Thank you so much to Mooser Emma for sending us this chewy deal!

1 pack per person. Must be 16 years or older.


  • Rosita
    I can't seem to access the page. When I click on the link, it just directs me to my Facebook home page... same thing when I manually type in the website.
  • Renee
    There aren't any samples left.
  • joy
    got mine today

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