Canadian Freebies: BrandSampler For Men


(Bumping this old post as this deal is back on now - new samples added, June 2010!)

You might have to be quick about this one, as I have a feeling that it won't last long! Brandsampler have launched a site, and there are some Canadian freebies on it, specifically for the guys! You can sign up and be the first to receive free samples of male grooming products.

The landing page shows various products such as Head & Shoulders, Gillette Fusion Razors & more. Free samples of those would be excellent!

Remember, for the regular P&G Brandsampler registration, you can sign up here.

Good luck!


  • Rhonda
    I got this in the mail last week and it is awesome! I gave it to my budding teenaged son...he could really use!
  • joy
    Sample came very quickly! Decent size samples.
  • charlene
    Got this for my boyfriend and it was a nice surprice to actually get those samples to try. The Gillete razor was really good!
  • joy
    link is not working
  • Steven
    Anna, the link above is invalid....should be , and that takes you right to the men's sampler registration page. Thanks for this freebie!
    • Anna
      Thanks, I think I had updated it in the image but forgot to change the middle linkie :)
      • cher s.
        aha! (it didn't work from the RSS feed... forced me to come onto the site!) Thanks Anna!
  • joy
    thanks its working now!
  • Ada
    Thanks for the info Anna. I got some samples for the hubby.

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