Canadian Freebies: Baskin Robbins Birthday Club

This is an easy-peasy freebie! Sign up to the Baskin Robbins Canada mailing list online, and get a coupon for a free ice-cream on your birthday!

They will email you 5 days before your birthday.

I haven't received this yet, so I am not entirely sure what format it comes in, and if the coupon is only valid on the exact date of your birthday.

Some companies are aware that people take advantage of these kind of offers, so they might ask to see ID when you present your coupon - keep that in mind.


  • karen
    Just an FYI...I tried several times to sign up for this club yesterday and today and it did not work, so I have messaged baskin robbins directly to find out whats up!
    • Anna
      I just tried it with a test, it seemed to work ok.
  • patricia
    I signed my husband up for this. Before his January birthday he received the email coupon with a use before date of January 20, 2009. I emailed Baskin Robbins 4 times and they never answered one email. So, this is very poor customer service, as the store here would not accept "last year's coupon".

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