Canadian Freebie: TWO Coupons for Pepperidge Farm Sweet Crisps (150g)

8 January 2015


Hurry on over to AND Walmart Canada as we have a double header of coupons for you. Both companies have a coupon for a free bag of Pepperidge Farm Sweet Crisps (150g) that you can get mailed to you. The bag of crisps has a retail value of $3.17 at Walmart and up to 3.99 at other retailers, so this is a pretty 'sweet' freebie. as you receive two free bags of crisps!

You will need to sign into your cart for and then follow the link above. Coupon quantities will be limited (as per usual) so request your free coupon for free crisps as soon as possible. For Walmart, the coupon should be in the second row down, the middle coupon. It needs to be mailed to you so it is for in store redemption.

My husband seemingly loves these crisps. We have a bag of the creamy caramel in the house right now. He just finished a bag that tasted just like cinnamon buns with really thick cream sauce - they were positively glorious. If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy crunchy things then you will love the Pepperidge Farm Sweet Crisps.

Now, I am the major sweet lover in my household but I find these crisps a bit overpowering. Yes! The flavour is so intense I can only eat a few at a time. Even if you were to over-indulge in them, they are fairly healthy as chips go. 20 crisps are only 90 calories. Now, I thought I would be all over these chips but truthfully, I never really eat them. The taste is great but I cannot get over the texture of a chip with the taste of a pastry. I long for that doughy and gooey goodness so the crisp texture just puts me off. For most people, I doubt this will be a problem.

Personally, I want to try the chocolate flavoured crisps. They will be closer to the texture of chocolate and if they taste anything like the other ones then they should be marvellous. Does anyone else wanting to try some chocolate chips?

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  • joy
    The chocolate ones taste just like brownies. The cinnamon ones are very good too. Not too sweet. I haven't tried the caramel ones.
  • SueSueper
    I will be buying these tomorrow.
  • Joy
    I got an email saying the coupon mailed me was invalid due to having 2 expiry dates printed on it. The gave me a link to reorder. Both coupons I received have 2 expiry dates on them. Will see if Walmart will accept theirs. Also the coupons are no longer available on the sites.

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