Canadian Freebie: Free Nine Inch Nails Download of The Slip Album

31 August 2012

Thanks to Nicole for posting this fab freebie on the community forum! Get the entire The Slip album from NIN for free! A little thanks to their fans.

It is really simple. Enter your email, wait to get the email... click the link in the email and enter your unique code. You will have options of formats to download it in. Once the download is complete I just dragged and dropped the mp3s into iTunes (I have a Mac) and it worked perfectly.

The CD is 10 songs long, for a total time length of 43:45. The songs are:

  1. 999,999
  2. 1,000,000
  3. letting you
  4. discipline
  5. echoplex
  6. head down
  7. lights in the sky
  8. corona radiata
  9. the four of us are dying
  10. demon seed

I am all for free music, and though I might not like a song or two of this CD, I am sure a few others will more than make up for it! 10 free songs? I am in!

Expiry: Unknown

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