Canadian Freebie: Attends Sample

Attends is giving away free samples of their incontinence products, for men, women and youth.

Ok, so let's talk about bladder leakage. I know it's a rather embarrassing subject that probably wasn't brought up at your last dinner party. However, I'm quite sure at one time or another, it happens to everybody. If it happens a little more frequently for you, then why not give Attends a try?

First things first. Click on the above link and look to the right hand side of the page where it says "Find the right product for you and get a free sample". You will then have to answer the next three questions.

Next is the Personal Assessment Tool, where there is five multiple choice questions for you to complete. After you've done that, click "Next". After that. there is one more question for you to answer.

On the final page, you will get to see which product is right for you, based on the information you provided. If you agree and would like to give it a try, roll your mouse over the "Request Sample" box and click on "CA".

How are you doing? Following along? Don't worry, you're almost done! Simply fill out your name and mailing address (please note to add your postal code with no spaces).

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery and there is a limit of one sample pack per household.

If you, or no one in your household suffers from incontinence, take a suggestion from my fellow author, Krista White and donate this sample to a shelter, hospital or long term care facility. Smart thinking!

(Expiry: While supplies last.)

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