Café Britt Canada Anniversary Special: 2 Free Products W/ Order Of 25 Products

2 September 2012

Café Britt Canada is celebrating their 27th Anniversary and offering the 25 product mix and match bundle with an added 2 products for free.  Products in bundle are discounted and shipping is free.  Offer is valid for a limited time, while quantities last.

I’m a huge coffee lover and this special will be wonderful to get through the upcoming holidays.  I like to serve different coffees with many snacks to all the guests I have dropping in.  Mind you, it doesn’t hurt that I have to sample the coffees before sharing.

The 27th Anniversary Mix & Match has a total of 27 products that you choose yourself.   All the products are regular price of $9.95 and in the mix and match bundle are now $8.50 per bag.  To order these all separately would be $268.65 and with the special is now $212.50 with free shipping.

It may take a while to actually choose the 27 products that you want, because there are so many and they all sound amazing.

I would love to try this Costa Rica Dark Roast Coffee as I really do lean towards the darker coffees.  The bags are 12 oz in total and you can order either ground or whole bean.  There is also a larger 2 lb bag for $26 if you prefer.   There are also volume discounts available, basically the more you buy the less it costs per item.

I’m curious about this Octagonal Chocolate Box that has 8 of the chocolate candy creations.  This will include a chocolate covered pineapple, guava or passion fruit, chocolate covered macadamia or cashews. And fresh roasted coffee beans covered in white or dark gourmet chocolate.

There would definitely be some of these Chocolate covered macadamia nuts in my order as well as some Dark chocolate covered coconut candies.  I love dark chocolate and I love coconut.  The more I read about these products, the less I want to share.

The cookies all sound awesome, but I am partial to Macadamia cookies , but they also have organic cookies, like these Honey lemon organic cookies.

I am seriously having trouble deciding what I would put into the mix and match bundle, much less the 2 free products, but it’s a lot of fun looking.

Shipping:  Free for most orders.

(Expiry: Limited time only)

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