Brandsampler: New Samples April 11


This is your 2 day notice: P & G Brandsampler will be releasing new samples on Monday, April 11th!

If you are unfamiliar with the system, here is how it works. You create an account unless you already have one. Everyone will be given a questionnaire, and then you will be told based on that questionnaire what samples you are eligible for. General rule is: the less you have tried, the more you get to try. Even with that in mind not everyone gets the same samples.

The samples always come, they are very dependable: and they are generally useful and decent sizes. An example of stuff I have gotten in the past is:

  • Venus razor
  • Mr Clean Magic eraser
  • laundry soap samples
  • Cascade action packs
  • white strips
  • shampoo samples

I heard that last time a Mooser got Pringles. My hubby was jealous!


  • kimmy
    I submitted mine this morning. I got shampoos, mouth wash, an oral care kit, pretzels, foundation, dishwasher packs, a package of tissues and a febreeze air freshener to pick from.
  • Avigayil
    Sweet! I got 2 shampoos, Pringle prezel sticks, an olay product, some tissues, dishwasher packs and something else that I now forget. :-D
  • laura
    they even have brand sampler for men; same idea just men's stuff. answer a few questions and they choose automatically, you don't get to pick but i got 5 items:
  • Shu-Wen
    Yay! I got 2 Herbal Essence shampoo/conditioners, mouthwash, Cascade ActionPacs, Pringles, Head and Shoulders shampoo, and Puffs tissue,
  • Anna
    Oh found out a little late! What does it mean if I didn't get a choice? It just said: "Thank you for your request! Your samples* are on their way! Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. *while quantities last" But I do normally find that the samples are very good - jalapeno pringle sticks!

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