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As my birthday just recently passed I bathed in the attention (or lack there of) of family, friends, and franchises. I'll admit, I am a very gifty person, I really like giving them, and I really like receiving them. I subscribe to several newsletters, am a member of a few 'clubs' and here are some noteable ones you might want to join before your birthday comes around, and why:

  • Disney Movie Rewards: They gave me a choice between 5 diff Blu-Ray DVDs to pick 1 for free, all I had to pay was the shipping cost of $2.95. A Blu Ray copy of National Treasure is on its way!
  • Swarovski: I'm on their mailing list and as a gift they sent me a $15 CAN online voucher good for 3 months.

I know there are many restaurants that give free food to the birthday celebrating individual, but of course they make money off the rest of the Birthday Party. I like the above 3 because they are really birthday person oriented, and one is completely free, one very reduced, and one a nice little voucher for a place I already shop.

I would love to expand this list, so does anyone else have any other items you can get for free for your birthday, or vouchers or get at a reduced price like this? Drop us a line!!


  • Jenn
    Pizza delight will give you a free meal (select menu) or their lunch buffet free on your birthday. You just need to show proof of birthday. I go every year for lunch on them..
  • Kim
    If you join Sephora's beauty club, on your birthday you get a free gift. Last year it was a set of 3 lipglosses, I am not sure what it is yet this year.
    • chickaneena
      This year it's an eye makeup set with mini mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. very cute.
  • liz
    I just celebrated my birthday, so I'm all over this right now. Sephora this year is all about eyes. So you get a mini white eyeshadow, an eyeliner pencil, and a mini mascara. Boston Pizza's email club sent me a coupon for either a free gourmet pasta, or dessert. I went with the pasta and got a $15 pasta for free (of course I had my husband and son with me, so they each got a meal ... but we went on Sunday, when the kid's meals are discounted anyway). I also ended up with a free dessert anyway; a chocolate/caramel cake with some ice cream. If you have a registered Starbucks card, they send you out a coupon for a free beverage. Applebee's emailed me a coupon for a free dessert shooter, but I never got around to using that one. Arby's sent a buy one get one coupon via email. I can't remember for sure, but I think Michael's sent a coupon for my birthday month.
  • chickaneena
    Pizza pizza has a kids club where they get a coupon for a free slice and drink for their birthday.In the form of a birthday card which the kids love.
  • margaret
    Tuckers Market Place offers a free buffet on your birthday! We go to the one by the airport and the food is delicious! You need to let them know in advance of ordering - we always make reservations.

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