Artscow: Free Small Notepad with Free Shipping!


Artscow is having this cool little giveaway, but you have to do a little something to earn it. They are offering 5000 free memo pads a day! I have listed below some instructions below so it doesn't take you as long as it took me to get your freebie!

First off you following this link to share and shout about the deal on Facebook:

It will walk you through the liking Artscow and the shouting out what they are doing to your friends, all fairly simple. If you don't have an account on Artscow now would be a good time to create one, or if you do, sign in. It will walk you through when to do that as well.

Then it will give you a coupon code for your free Notepad. Save the coupon code somewhere.

Next you will get to click on a link to go make your free personalized notepad.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use a pre-made template there will be a surcharge you will have to pay for so it will not be completely free. Only if you choose the Custom Small Memo Pads option will it be completely free with free shipping. This I did not know and had to redo my design because I didn't want the surcharge.

If you are new to Artscow you will have to download some Microsoft Silverlight software. It is simple, but you will need it to design your product. Second note: After downloading the software make sure to EXIT your browser completely and then reload it or the software will not communicate with your browser. This software does work with Apple computers.

Then go back in, re-login and if lost use the link above for the custom small memo pads and go create one. Then enter the coupon code you saved somewhere and you are all set: 1 free small personalized memo pad!

No shipping, no cost to you! I just ordered mine and it looks so cute! :-D


  • Chris M.
    I followed all the instructions and its still charging me 0.99.
  • Rachel
    Worked for me! Can't wait to receive it!
  • B
    The software works on my Mac.
  • Amanda
    The discount only took $1 off the price. Not much time spent perfecting my design too!

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