7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!


Do we have any Moosers who can knit? Are you handy with a pair of needles? Or do you know anyone who is? Check out these seven free downloads of some geeky and cute knitting patterns!


  1. R2D2 Beanie

I first stumbled on the hand-made R2D2 beanie hats on Pinterest, but then had a google for some of the designs. There’s a basic pattern here on Carissaknits, or a variation here on Craftser. I’d wear one of these!


  1. LEGO Brick Doorstop

Here on Instructables you can find the pattern for a cute LEGO brick doorstop! The pattern actually looks fairly simple, with the process just getting a little fiddly when you are attaching all the pieces together.


  1. Dr Who TARDIS Hat

Oh, I love this one! It’s a free knitting pattern of a Dr Who police box hat which you can download on Ravelry. I even love the spiralling colours in the woolly chin ties.


  1. Batman Doll

Here on Knitsbybritt, you can find a free knitting pattern for a cute little batman doll! It looks like one for an advanced knitter; the pattern doesn’t look easy to me.


  1. Spiderman Socks

Another one on Ravelry.com, this is a knitting pattern for Spideysocks! These look fantastic. And warm.


  1. Weasly Sweater

Here on Canadianliving, there’s a full and free knitting pattern of a “Weasley sweater,” just like Mrs Weasly knitted for everyone in the Harry Potter universe. It’s geek-chic, eh?


  1. Space Invaders Cushion

This is one piece of décor that I would be more than happy to have in my living room – a space invaders cushion! You can grab the free download here at Craftsy.


There is a ton of geeky knitting patterns out there on the interwebs; this is just a miniscule selection of a few items that I liked. I wish I could knit better! I’d be all over these free knitting patterns. Anyone going to give them a try?

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