Walmart Canada: Free Shipping on Any Huggies Products Online

10 July 2012

Walmart Canada is offering free shipping for any Huggies products bought online - that is pretty sweet. With young ones, sometimes it is difficult to get out the door to go diaper shopping.

I find that the best place to shop for diapers is Walmart. The prices seem to be the lowest that can be found and often there are sales. There are often coupons available at that you may be able to apply.

There are far too many Huggies products to list here, but my granddaughter is into the toddler stage so we lean towards the Huggies Little Movers Mega Pack listed at $19.97. We must not forget the Huggies Little Swimmers priced at $13.97 and are perfect for this time of year. The children love those little pools that you can set up on your deck or in you back yard. Just give them a couple of toys or some bubbles to blow and you have at least 30 minutes of peace.

Now we can't forget the Huggies Soft Skin Wipes Refills priced at $8.37 and most of us already have a container to put them in. (Everything is so much more affordable in bulk).

I had forgotten what it was like to need diapers constantly until my grandchildren arrived. It can be a little stressful and I was recently visiting them and as luck would have it, they were about to run out of diapers. My son was returning home from work when his wife informed him that he needed to get diapers and he threw his hands up and stated that he had just passed Walmart!

I'm sure we have all experienced this exact situation, but now we can order more when supplies are getting low and have them delivered free.

Shipping: Free shipping applies to standard shipping only and item will show estimated arrive date when ordered (seems to be approx 3 days).

Expiry: Unknown

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