Walmart Canada: 6 Station Swing Set Just $90 (save $44)

5 September 2014


Summer is over and most the kids are back in school (unless you live in BC where parents are positively pulling their hair out with the strike). However, that does not mean that outdoor fun needs to end. Pick up this six-station swing set from Walmart Canada for just $90 with free shipping and save yourself $44 off the original price of $134.

This set safely allows six children to play on it at one time granted that each child not weigh over 100 lbs for a cumulative maximum weight of 600 lbs. The swing set includes two swinging seats, one roman glider, one metal trapeze, and one three-piece five-foot long wavy slide in yellow and blue with ladder. There appears to be some flexibility in the configuration (where everything goes) as, between the two pictures shown, not everything is in the same place.

For stability and safety, you really need to anchor down this swing set. Anchors are not included, but creative minds and handy-people should be able to make their own or re-purpose something in their garage to work. If all else fails, you could just cement the feet into large concrete blocks! The frame itself is made of powder coated heavy duty steel.

Enjoy soft touch chain guards for extra safety and added comfort on the hands of kids. I was not raised with chain guards, so more than once I have stuck my finger into a chain-link merely to have it pinched as the chain moved.

This is a good backyard setup at a great price. It is big enough for your children to have a few friends over and it can handle their weight as they grow. Check out this reviewer’s comments:

Delivery of this item was prompt and the packaging is surprisingly smaller than you'd expect. Assembly is a 2 person job for best results and takes a couple hours. We noticed that the plastic caps used to cover screw and bolt heads were pretty cheap and broke apart easily. The slide seems a bit small for any child over 2-3 years old. My 2 year old has lots of fun with it though. The crossbeam allows for toddler seats to be installed [...] Overall pretty sturdy and it looks nice. 

Read the rest of this review, and others, on Walmart Canada. This set ships to your home for free.

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