Walmart Canada: 3-in-1 H2O Mop Only $48 (Was $119)

4 August 2014

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I found a fantastic deal on at Walmart on the 3 in 1 H2O mop ultra. It was $119, now only $48. It will also ship for free to your home.

I actually have this mop and although some reviewers were not fond of it, I found it worked great. I also did not get it for this price and I think I paid around $100 for this mop! Less than $50 for a steam mop is a very good price and this might make a nice gift for a student going away to college or university or getting their own place for the first time. I know when I was in my 20s, washing my floors was the last thing on my list after studying and partying, so why not make it easy for them to wipe up all the booze that will inevitably be spilled on the floors?

Not just a steam mop, the H2O mop can also be converted into a carpet steamer. So, if you get spills or dirt on those carpets, they can easily be steamed away with your steam mop. You could also use it to clean and deodorize fabric. That stinky chair your aunt gave you for your first place? Use this baby on it to get out some of that musty smell and you've got yourself a nice little seat for your studio apartment.

One of the cons that the reviewers reported included that there wasn't a hook at the bottom to wrap the cord around to put it away. This would be annoying, unless you are like me and really only drape the cord around anyway. You can still wrap it around the top hook, it just wouldn't have a tight fit like you'd seen on other appliances like this. Another is that it can clog and my mom told me that using distilled water can prevent your steam mop from getting clogged. My mom is very smart about these things, so I'd totally listen if I were you.

Another is that the cloth gets dirty very quickly when mopping. Well, that will all depend on how dirty your floor is. I wouldn't think it is a bad thing that the cloth gets dirty, as that tells me the mop is doing its job. If you need to change pads while mopping your floors, you might want to think about mopping a little more often.

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