Walmart Canada: $20 Off New Apple iPad 4th Gen 16GB - Now $478

8 March 2013

Walmart Canada and Apple Canada are bringing you a $20 discount on the newest iPad out there!

If you aren't hip to Apple's game, you might think that a $20 discount on a $498 item isn't that great. On the surface, that seems true. The thing is that Apple controls their products so tightly that retailers (even monsters like Wal Mart) can't change the price point. I don't know how the agreement works exactly other than to say that a sale like this doesn't happen very often. On top of the $20 off, you get FREE shipping.

I recently sold my tablet in anticipation of buying a new one when I go on a trip to the states soon and I have been missing it. I'm not an Apple guy myself but I am definitely a tablet guy. I don't know how I've lasted this long without one, honestly. I think everyone should have the experience of having a tablet and this is a great chance to get a good one.

(Expires: 10th March 2013)

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