Walmart: 75% off Max Steel Turbo Bike - Now $5 & Free Shipping


Walmart Canada is offering 75% off the Max Steel Turbo Bike! Originally $19.97, the bike is now on sale for $5 with free shipping.

Price comparing this bike was not easy, as everyone else seems to be sold out. I found secondary sellers on Amazon listing this bike for $19.40 + $7.50 shipping. Mattel, in the USA, had the bike for originally $14.99 US and it is now on sale for $10.75 US + shipping to Canada. Toys R Us and Sears were both busts.

This is one cool little toy. The Max Steel Turbo bike is designed to look just like Max's favourite bike from the animated TV series. The bike includes an attached 6" Max Steel figure.

Now, this bike is no ordinary toy. It has 'rev-up' action, which means your child can pull the toy back along the floor and then release it - it will go racing forward. The Steel windshield also lights up blue with Turbo Energy. It is kind of cool, and a pretty great toy for only $5. I love the colour, and think this could be fun for racing.

The toy is designed for ages 5 and up, and that is a solid recommendation as some coordination is required. As this reviewer said:

The toy works fine but my five year old son has a bit difficult to coordinate the launch of the bike with the activation of the lights, had to use the functions separately.

It might be a bit better for older children who have better coordination. However, this varies by child.

If you are looking for other Max Steel toys, some MAX STEEL Deluxe Figures are on sale for 50% off. I found Quick Fire Max on sale from $19.92 down to $10.

I actually have never heard of this animated series before, so this is a new one for me. I know these toys are from within the last couple of years, so this is by no means an old series. I think the premise of an Alien and a human teaming up together is nice, and it looks like there is some nifty technology in the series as well.

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