WagJag Canada: Up to 77% off Waterproof Cases for the iPhone, iPad Mini & iPad

30 June 2013

There is a new deal at WagJag Canada that I am really excited about.  You can get a waterproof case for your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or various other devices (such as Blackberry and Kobo reader) for up to 77% off the regular price.

There are three options for this deal:

  • $12 for a waterproof iPhone case (a $40 value, fits some BlackBerry and Android models)
  • $12 for a waterproof case for an iPad mini or Kobo/Kindle eReader (a $40 value)
  • $14 for a waterproof case for the iPad 2, 3 or 4 (a $60 value)

I really want one of these for my iPhone because we do a lot of camping and swimming in the summer.  The other reason is because I have kids.  My kids like to drop things in the weirdest places like bathtubs, puddles and even toilets.  Why are kids so fascinated with dropping things in the toilet? With this case on, you wont need a new phone every time!

So many people have different electronic devices making these cases pretty great because they are so versatile. The other great thing is that this deal includes the cost of shipping as well so there will be no additional charges or hidden costs.

You can buy as many as you would like and the vouchers for Nova Goods will not expire until December 8th 2013.

(Expiry: 7th July 2013)

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