Threadless: Free Shipping with Hoody or Hoodsie


Threadless is offering Free Shipping on your packages all September long with the purchase of a Hoody! Now you may say, a hoody is very expensive. Well yes, though very stylish and funk-a-licious Threadless hoodies can be rather expensive. The good news is you can also get free shipping with a kid's hoody in your cart as well. A little cheaper. AND: you can get free shipping with a hoodsie (for the little ones) also. Hoodsies are as cheap as $9, so really... this is a fab offer.

To sum up:

Free shipping with:

  • Hoody ($25 - $45)
  • Kids Hoody ($25)
  • Hoodsie ($9 - $25)

Seriously. Nice offer. Go buy your distant cousin twice removed a hoodsie for their 11nth child and get yourself a bunch of shirts. :-D Or if you are like me just give in and go buy yourself the TRON hoody. It glows in the dark. Wear that to the movie theatre on opening night I dare ya!

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