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11 August 2014


Here's a lovely deal that a lot of you Moosers are sure to fall in love with: not only can you get the macaron tea tins for half off, but you can also have them shipped absolutely free with the Teavana coupon code: FALLINLOVE. Originally priced at $9.96, these macaron tea tins are now just $4.48 each.

Shopping online is great and very often leads to an even better discount than in-stores but a required minimum for free shipping has deterred me more than enough times from buying something. There is no word on when these macaron tea tins may go out of stock or be returned to full price, but the free shipping code expires on August 13th 2014. If you miss the chance to take advantage of it now, then you will need to reach a $50 minimum to have your order qualify for free shipping.

Inspired by the French macaron cookies, these little tins are definitely adorable, especially for gift-giving. A couple of friends of mine drink tea nearly every hour of the day and come Christmas-time or even their birthday, these little macarons would certainly make for a great gift. They come in either green, purple, blue red or copper and can hold 2oz (56g), which is enough for a couple of cups of tea.

Of course, you could also just get a couple of these adorable tins for yourself, especially if like one reviewer pointed out, you keep them in a basket. Here's what someone else had to say about them:

The new tins are adorable, and though they don't have a flat shape for easy stacking, as another reviewer said, their round shape is what gives them their charm. You MUST be careful when sliding off the top outer shell as the inner plastic lid is a bit loose and may come free if you're too hasty or rough opening it. If you're careful and gentle, however, I've had no problems with my tea spilling. A light touch yields a wonderful enjoyment of a cute tea container.

I also like the idea of using these tins to take tea to work, especially since they wouldn't take up a lot of space in a handbag. Personally, I would love a couple of these cuties in a copper colour. What about you Moosers?

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